Mit seinem Zombiespiel Nacht der wandelnden Toten hat der Neuling Flying Frog Productions einen ganz großen Wurf gelandet. Grandiose Ausstattung, echte Untoten-Atmosphäre und absoluter Spielspaß.

A Touch of Evil, Das Spiel des Übernatürlichen steht den wandelnden Toten kaum nach. Es ist ein temporeiches Spiel teuflischer Kreaturen, verwegener Helden und großen Abenteuers.

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Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game Flying Frog Productions

Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game is a fast-paced game of brain-eating Zombies, small town Heroes, and horror movie action. Players take on the role of either the Heroes, working together to make it through the night; or the Zombies, unending waves of undead spreading over the town like a plague. Featuring a modular board, eight Heroes to choose from, and several different Scenarios to play that drastically change the game. Last Night on Earth is designed to create a cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds.

Invasion from Outer Space: • The Martian Game Flying Frog Productions

It is the early 1950’s, the dawn of the Atomic Age and mankind is on the brink of setting out to explore the new frontier of space. But what they don’t know is that space has already come to them. In a small field, just outside of a sleepy rural town in middle America, the first Martian Saucers begin to land; the vanguard to a massive alien armada. The Invasion has begun!

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