Wings of Glory WW2: Rules and Accessories Pack WGS002A


Kategorie: Miniaturenspiele
Welt: Wings of Glory WW2
Spieleranzahl 2
Spieldauer 30 Minuten
Alter ab 14 Jahre
Spiel in:
Autor Andrea Angiolino Pier Giorgio Paglia
Illustrator Vincenzo Auletta Dario Calì
Verlag Ares Games
Artikel-Nr. ARGD0147
EAN 8054181510256
Erschienen 2012/10
Derzeit vergriffen. Voraussichtlich wieder lieferbar ab TBA

This WW2 Wings of Glory Rules and Accessories Pack is a comprehensive game system, that includes all the rules and accessories necessary to play the WW2 version of the game system. Players will find the core WW2 rules system presented in a beautiful 44-pages color booklet – Basic, Standard, Advanced, and a wealth of Optional rules. Also included are all the rules and counters necessary to use special models (such as multi-engine bombers, dive bombers and heavy fighters) and special weapons (antiaircraft, rockets, ground troops, and more). The pack also features the complete range of Damage counters; Target, Ground Troops, Anti Aircraft Guns and Bomb cards; four airplane consoles, two rulers and counters.

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